About Us

Our mission is to be the manufacturer of the worlds best quality (and value) marine cable systems for the recreational fishing industry, and establish a “gold standard” reputation with the fishing community for customer satisfaction in both product and support, globally.

We don’t sell fish finders or boats or outboard motors.  Our goal is to provide our customers with the accessory products and knowledge necessary to enable them to fully enjoy the investment they have made in their boats, fishing electronics and electronic boat accessories.  We want our customers to get all the features available from their fish finders, trolling motors, and other electronics.  This should make their fishing trips more economical, safer, less stressful, and just generally, more fun.

Our entire team has extensive experience in building electrical products for use in high stress environments.  For example, a few of our design team members each have 20+ years experience designing telecommunications products.  They are extremely technically capable in NMEA.  All the way down to “the bits and bytes”, so to speak.

Picture of Golden Channels NMEA Cable Assembly Quality Features

We’re also very proud of our manufacturing staff.  They are the best we can find, and they take significant professional pride in the quality of product they produce.  One of our management philosophies has always been to hire the very best and give them the very best tools and parts to work with.  We have stringent purchasing practices, such as always using original manufacturer connectors, and never using 3rd party knock offs that might be less expensive.  We always use brand name crimps and pins from well established connection manufacturers of the exact part number and manufacturer designed for the tool they are used with.

Another differentiator between our cable assemblies you might notice is how we take the time (and expense) to put proper silicon blocking plugs in any unused connection circuit.  We never leave a path open to a connector allowing outside air to enter a connection.  This is true for both our engine connectors and all of our NMEA cable sets.  This means that our cable keeps moisture and contaminants away from your equipments factory connectors.  This protects your investment in your outboard and electronics.

Golden Channels is headquartered in Canada.  It is where our engineering and quality assurance standards are based.

We are an international company with manufacturing locations in Canada, USA, Philippines, Taiwan and China.