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NMEA to CommandLink

We helped someone this week that was trying to use a little box made by Yamaha that adapts CommandLink to NMEA 2000.

Let’s just say that this is not our recommended way to get engine data from a Yamaha. But if you must use one of these, you need to hook it up in the following manner.

The 4 pin connection on this box goes to your CommandLink Hub at the back of your boat.

The 4 pin cable with just blue and white wires runs from the CommandLink Hub to inside the Yamaha Engine.

The NMEA network connects to the NMEA connection on the little box, joining the NMEA network with a short cable, a TEE, and probably a terminator, if that is the end of the network.

Any other combination will not work.

CommandLink to NMEA is an interesting discussion. If you have a hybrid, with both systems in your boat, this might lead to problems.

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