Trolling Motor Wire Calculator

We see lots of advice about wiring electric trolling motors. So, we thought a trolling motor wire calculator might give people a better understanding of where the main power losses are occurring in their setup. Hopefully, before they run out and buy welding cables to hook their motors up. This calculator (for now) shows the two main rivals in the trolling motor business. If you have a another brand, you can choose similar settings and the calculations should still be relatively accurate.

We hope you’ve found our trolling motor wire calculator useful

Picture of a Golden Channels Custom Trolling Motor Marine Cable
Custom Trolling Motor Cable

Now that you’ve designed the perfect trolling motor cable set,

Let us build perfect trolling motor cables for you.

Golden Channels Commitment to Quality

Better Connected™ cables are always made with the very best components and construction.  We always use USA or German made tooling with high tolerances, and specifically designed for the crimps being made.  In addition to the best tooling,  our wire is made in the USA by Vertex marine, and is 1426 marine rated, and fully tinned. Finally, our crimps and connectors are sourced from well respected, proven suppliers, like AMP, Panduit, and Molex.

Better Connected™ cables come with a two year free, no questions asked replacement warranty.  Please see our warranty terms section on our website for details.

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