Made in the USA?

Sometimes, you don’t get what you pay for. Especially when you think you’re getting “Made in the USA” parts.

We’ve spent over 4 months now trying to engineer and manufacture the best crimp and cable for trolling motor connections available. This is slow, methodical work that could drive anyone crazy with details and science. You’re just crimping a single wire into a lug. How hard could it be?

These types of connections handle lots of current. Lots of current going through lousy connections make heat. And heat is something you don’t want in your electrical connections in your boat.

Let’s play “USA”

One of the things we have recently noticed in the electrical industry in general, is a silent move by some manufacturers to move parts production to lower costs countries, without letting their customers know. So, that component that you relied on for years, as your “go to source” of a certain part, one day fails, and you can’t figure out why. Unfortunately, when the parts are sometimes sold in bulk, and small, there is no room for a “product of USA” sticker.

So, when we tested one “U.S.” battery terminal supplier, we thought the premium price and the reputation in the market made them a shoe in for our supply bill of materials.

Below is a picture of the result. There is a fracture in the terminal that to many people would not seem like a big thing. It is. Over time, corrosion can build up inside the connection, eventually creating resistance and a failed connection. Our further testing and research indicated that the manufacturing methods used in this terminals construction were not consistent with those made by U.S. factories. We now need to invest more time and money is finding better suppliers of this component.

We do this, because until we are certain that we are giving you the best and safest connection we possibly can, we will not sell you anything at all.

What our 130 Ton Crimper does to a poor quality terminal:
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