Boat Gauges

Boat Gauges are  standard on every boat.

Kind of.

It’s very common to not have a complete set.  Seems like you are usually missing one or two.  My favourite boat was sold to me missing an oil pressure gauge.  Also, it was missing a temperature gauge.  Next, when I upgraded my fish finder, I also added an NMEA 2000 network.

Next, I could see the missing temperature and oil pressure was being supplied by my outboard.  I saw this on my fish finder, thanks to my new NMEA 2000 network.  Now I wanted a proper set of gauges that would display all the data that I was missing.  It didn’t hurt my “business case with head quarters” that our speedometer was never that accurate.  So a new Yamaha tachometer and speedometer would fix a number of issues.

It was so great adding these gauges that I made a video of the installation.  See it here on Golden Channels YouTube Channel.

We have the best Boat Gauges available, and the cables for a complete, professional installation.

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