Custom Trolling Motor Cables

Dealing with wire sizes this large is always a pain.  At best, things get messy, at worst, the final job is a viking funeral in the making.  Save yourself some grief. Let us do the work for you, with custom trolling motor cables.

Golden Channels offers a lug crimping service along with our custom wire length cutting. This service uses the U.S. Made Pico Pneumatic Crimper that exerts up to 130 tons of force on the crimp, and can provide crimp quality to Military and Aircraft standards for our customers.

These crimps are so tight, you can’t solder them, even if you wanted to.  There is no place for the solder to travel in the crimp.  The crimp is both air and water tight.

Before we ship the final crimp, we install clear, glued, double wall heat shrink over top of this perfect crimp connection, for an even more durable and oil, water, and airproof connection.

We’re proud of the custom trolling motor cables we provide.  So, we don’t cover it up with black heat shrink.  Our double wall glued heat shrink is clear, so you can see the connection quality.

Choose your custom length U.S.A. made Vertex brand 1426 marine wire size for your trolling motor from AWG 2 to AWG 8 Wire Sizes, and we will put a perfectly crimped Panduit brand battery lug of your choosing on either end.

Typical ship time is 3 days.

Uncertain of the wire size that is best for your installation?  Our Trolling Motor Wire Calculator can help.  It gives you precise power loss calculations for your exact trolling motor and installation, and let’s you try larger and smaller wiring and see how it affects power to your motor:

Trolling Motor Wire Calculator

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