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Trying to figure out how NMEA networking would work in your boat and with your electronics?

Relax.  We’ve got you covered.

Check out our Learn Page for lots of boating electrical topics.  We have a YouTube Channel and, a Facebook Page.  All full of installation DIY Tips, and information on NMEA.

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When you’re ready to install your NMEA Network, be confident that Better Connected™ NMEA Components and Cable Kits are the very best in the industry. We pride ourselves in knowing our product, so we can help you learn how to install and use them.

What makes a good NMEA cable?

Cable durability is paramount. Since cables are pulled during installation, the cable must be strong.  This is why our shielded construction method is perfect.  Shielding also protects the cables inside from sharp tight angles and pinch points.

There are two pairs of wires inside an NMEA cable.  These two pairs need to be individually shielded together.  One pair is for data signals, the second pair is for power.  There is also one ground “drain” that runs the entire cable length.

The type of cable being used with a particular NMEA cable assembly is dependent on where in your boat it is used.  You should never use a cable only rated for 75C in an engine environment, for example.  Also, the cable needs to be designed to resist oil and gas, and marine rated for exposure to moisture.

Looking for something slightly different than what we have in our NMEA Components and Cable Kits?  Just drop us a line and we’ll do our best to help.  We can make custom length cables and special cable configurations easily, and to your specifications.  Contact us for more information.

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