Suzuki Outboard Cables

Confused about Suzuki Outboard Cables for NMEA 2000?

When it comes to NMEA 2000, Suzuki stands out as an industry pioneer.  Some Suzuki outboards from as early as 1999 have the necessary connections to allow engine data to be presented over NMEA 2000 to a fish finder / GPS Chart / MFD.

Since Suzuki was one of the earliest outboard manufacturers to move towards NMEA 2000, their connections evolved over time.  Because of this, there are differences in how you connect NMEA 2000 across models and years with variations in connector style, number of circuits, and pin genders.  Plus, the relationship between years and firmware revisions in the Suzuki NMEA cable creates a lots of incomplete and confusing information in internet forums and discussions.

We are uniquely qualified to help our customers put together a complete and functional Suzuki NMEA 2000 network, regardless of outboard model year or HP.  And, we offer our NMEA 2000 bundles designed for your exact fish finder.  So, you can relax knowing you’re getting everything you need for your NMEA 2000 installation project shipped in one box.

Let our experience and engineering make a simple job of connecting your fish finder to your Suzuki outboard(s).  And, remember here at Golden Channels we have our “Now You’re Golden” guarantee.  We promise you a working installation.  Period.  Or your money back.


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