Trolling Motor Wiring

Trolling Motor Wiring is a problem on many existing boats.  Many fishers and boat owners will wind up replacing their plug at some point.

Many boat manufacturers cheap out on the factory trolling motor plug.  Also, many boat owners will upgrade the size or thrust or features of their trolling motors. Because of this, their existing trolling motor plugs and receptacle will be too small.

Our Custom Trolling Motor Cable sets are the answer.  Because we use a state of the art 130 ton crimp tool, and only Panduit brand lugs for the best cable quality possible.

We have a number of learning resources available on this site.  Particularly about trolling motors and their installation.

If you’re confused at how large a wire set you need, you can use our Trolling Motor Wire Calculator to help you determine wire losses based on your particular trolling motor, and cable length:

Tolling Motor Wire Calculator

If you need more information on the various plugs and receptacles we sell, and how they compare, you can check out our YouTube video

How to Choose the Best Trolling Motor Plug

Remember, the pros at Golden Channels are always here to answer your questions, both before, and after the sale. When you have questions, we are here to help.

We’re fishers and boat owners, too.  And, we’re here to help.

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