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Picture of Golden Channels Better Connected™ Smarter than Lowrance NMEA 2000 Starter Kit
Golden Channels Better Connected™ Smarter than Lowrance NMEA 2000 Starter Kit

Our Lowrance 124-69 Equivalent NMEA Starter Kit is the very smallest kit you should consider.  After that, you should think about connecting your engine with one of our engine cables.

In addition to this kit, you may need additional cables to connect your fish finder.  For instance, many outboard motors require specific (and sometimes multiple) cables to connect to the NMEA network.

Better Alternatives for your Outboard and Fish Finder

Golden Channels sells more complete kits.  Here are our kits specifically for the following outboard engine manufacturers, each with options for various fish finders, too:

Tohatsu Outboard Cable Kits

Yamaha Outboard Cable Kits

Honda Outboard Cable Kits

Suzuki Outboard Cable Kits

Evinrude Cable Kits

This kit gives you a connection that can go from the rear of your boat, to the command console.  Power can be supplied from either end.  Our power cable not only has a negative, and positive connection.

There is also an option to hook up a ground shield connection, if needed.  This can sometime improve reliability in situations where there is a large amount of power noise from other equipment in the boat.

This kit is a direct replacement for Lowrance Part Number 124-69, and Garmin Part Number 010-11442-00,  and has more parts than Ancor part number 270203.

Our NMEA 2000 Starter Kit cables all use high quality PVC insulated cable.  The power pairs and signal pairs are also shielded to prevent interference.  A separate ground “drain” wire in the middle of the cable ensures a consistent ground signal level for the entire length of the cable.

You cannot buy a better NMEA 2000 Starter Kit for this price.

We also have all sorts of additional cabling sets.  Many of the industry standard outboards and fish finder combinations can be simply bought as a complete kit.

Golden Channels also offers custom kits for your fishfinder and engine combination.

Learning Resources for you

Youtube installation tips:

Golden Channels YouTube Channel

Yamaha and Lowrance / Garmin / Humminbird

Yamaha and Raymarine Element

These cables come with a two year free, no questions asked replacement warranty.  See our warranty terms section on our website for details.

If you have any questions, we love to help.  Feel free to contact us here:

Contact Golden Channels

Our NMEA Starter Kit comes with a 2 year warranty.

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