Yamaha Speedometer

The Yamaha Speedometer is a very welcome addition to any helm. See Speed, fuel capacity for up to two tanks, and fuel economy.  Also see total fuel consumption, and optional displays for ambient water temperature, depth, and trip.

Does your boat already has a Command Link Hub?  With spare ports?  If so, you can also get the appropriate Command Link device cables from us here.  Or, if you are either installing, or already have, and NMEA 2000 Network, add one of our Better Connected™ Yamaha CommandLink NMEA Cable (Tachometer / Speedometer, as well as our cable for Fuel level here

Check our Installation YouTube Video here.  We can provide cable solutions for NMEA 2000, Command Link, or both.

Looking for both the Yamaha Tachometer and Speedometer?  If so, you might want to consider our complete installation kit for NMEA 2000 equipped boats.

If you have any questions, we love talking to customers about their boats, and fishing.  Please contact us for more details and questions.

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