Better Connected™ Battery Lug Crimp Install w/ Heat Shrink Service – Per Connection

CAD $4.99

Golden Channels offers you the absolute best battery terminal crimp offered, anywhere.

Our 130 ton pneumatic crimper current can be used with wire sizes 2 through 8 AWG, and we will be offering more options soon.


Why do we offer a Battery Lug Crimp Install w/ Heat Shrink Service?  The answer is quite simple.  You’ve probably seen our rants about wiring connection quality on YouTube.

We can terminate any wire purchases from us with lugs of your choice.  For example, we can provide ring style lugs with holes from #10 to 1/2″

Golden Channels Commitment to Quality

You cannot buy a better crimp service for this price. Firstly, we always use the crimp tool available. This means using our USA made, 130 ton pneumatic crimper. Secondly, when you crimp with this much force, you need the absolute best lugs.  We only use Panduit lugs, due to their use of pure copper conductors, tinned with nickel.  Lastly, our staff cares.  We hire the best in the industry.

The Better Connected™ Battery Lug Crimp Install w/ Heat Shrink Service comes with a two year free, no questions asked replacement warranty.  Please see our warranty terms section on our website for details.

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