Better Connected™ CommandLink Stern HUB to NMEA Converter “First Fish Finder” Complete Kit (Free Shipping*)

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Allows installation of a NMEA 2000 fish finder or GPS chartplotter on Yamaha CommandLink equipped boats.  This kit is specifically for CommandLink installations where one HUB is installed in the STERN of the boat.  This provides a completely expandable NMEA 2000 network connection in the STERN, and enough NMEA cables to connect your first fish finder at the HELM.

This kit protects your existing CommandLink investment and cabling, and allows use of NMEA 2000 devices, starting with your first fish finder or GPS Chartplotter located in your helm.

Additional NMEA 2000 devices can be added now, or later.  These could include the Yamaha 6Y8 digital tach and speedo, fuel and battery monitoring, and more, with additional standard NMEA 2000 cables.  With this kit, you can add NMEA 2000 devices either at the HELM or STERN location, now or later.  Examples include fuel level, battery monitoring, Gauges and instruments, or additional fish finders, in the Helm, Stern, or Bow.

Please note that this cable bundle does not work with Yamaha Command Link Plus or Digital Engine Control (DEC) Systems.  Please Contact Us if you are uncertain which your boat has.

And, we only use the best quality and safest cable and components in our manufacturing.  Please check out the details of our manufacturing quality in the photos.

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Better Connected™ CommandLink HUB to NMEA Converter Cable (Free Shipping in USA/Canada)

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Better Connected™ 3 foot NMEA Cable (1 meter)

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Better Connected™ NMEA Backbone Cable (10'/3m, 15'/5m 20'/7m)

Better Connected™ NMEA Tee

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Better Connected™ Male NMEA Terminator

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Our Better Connected™ CommandLink STERN to NMEA Converter “First Fish Finder” Complete Kit contains all the cabling required for the installation of a NMEA 2000 fish finder or GPS chartplotter on Yamaha CommandLink equipped boats, assuming the existing CommandLink HUB is in the STERN, and the STERN is also the location where you will install your first fish finder or GPS chartplotter.

When your installation is complete, you will have engine data from your existing Yamaha outboard transmitted through your CommandLink network bridged to your new NMEA 2000 connection, and displayed on your fish finder or GPS Chartplotter.  Additionally, you will have an NMEA 2000 network connection in your helm which is expandable anywhere in your boat to add additional NMEA 2000 devices, now or in the future.

There are no device or power wiring changes to your CommandLink network.  All of your existing Yamaha CommandLink devices remain exactly as they are now.

CommandLink’s Problem with  GPS Chartplotters or Fish Finders

Until now, there was no CommandLink device cable designed to connect an NMEA device.  Additionally, most Factory CommandLink installations have all their device ports already full from the factory.  Therefore, there is no way to plug in the new device.

This Better Connected™ CommandLink Stern to NMEA Converter “First Fish Finder” Complete Kit provides an elegant solution to this problem.  While protecting the boat owners existing CommandLink investment and cabling, this cable provides a simple bridge to NMEA 2000 devices which can also be added anywhere in the boat easily and logically, now, or in the future.

NOTE:  If you are also installing the Yamaha 6Y8 Speedometer, it is important that you understand that although this kit allows GPS speed to be transmitted back into your NMEA 2000 network AND your CommandLink network, the 6Y8 Yamaha Speedometer does not obtain its speed from NMEA 2000.  You also need our Better Connected™ Yamaha 6Y8-8356N-01-00 Equiv – CommandLink / Fuel Tank Sender and NMEA 0183 GPS Lead

…and you also need one of our Better Connected™ Yamaha CommandLink NMEA Cable (Tachometer / Speedometer) for each Tachometer and Speedometer you are installing.

Simple Installation

There are typically two possible locations your existing CommandLink HUB would be installed from the factory:

Stern location (this kit)
Helm location (See the HELM version of this kit)

Think of your NMEA 2000 backbone as a main highway.  The feeder roads are to/from individual devices, like your fish finder

Your CommandLink hub is one end of the highway.  But, the highway can run up to 100 yards/meters in the other direction with the Better Connected™ CommandLink HUB to NMEA Converter Cable.

Remove either one of the grey resistor plugs from your existing Yamaha CommandLink Hub BUS ports.  Then, plug in the rectangular 6 pin CommandLink BUS cable included in this kit.

You can now add NMEA devices from that point further down the line.  Add more feeder roads with Tees and cables.  Just remember that the other end of the highway has to be an NMEA terminator.

You can also add the the Yamaha 6Y8 Tachometer, and/or Speedometer in your helm on your new NMEA Network.

Our YouTube video explains the gauges installation with NMEA 2000:

Installing Yamaha CommandLink Gauges with an NMEA Network

Got Questions?

Give us a shout if you need information on compatibility.  We’re always pleased to talk to customers if they are not certain about connections.

Contact Golden Channels

Like every Golden Channels manufactured product, these cables come with a two year free, no questions asked replacement warranty.  See our warranty terms section on our website for details.

Additional information

Weight .15 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 2 in

Better Connected™ NMEA Backbone Cable (10'/3m, 15'/5m 20'/7m)

Cable Length

10 foot, 15 foot, 20 foot

Better Connected™ NMEA Tee




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