Better Connected™ Evinrude NMEA Cable + Tee (Free Shipping*)

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Our Better Connected Evinrude NMEA cable is specifically designed to work as well, or better than, the original OEM cable.  And, we only use the best quality and safest cable and components in our manufacturing.  Please check out the details of our manufacturing quality in the photos.

Equivalent to Lowrance PN 120-62, and for Evinrude PN 764164 and PN 766026.

10 Feet / 3 Meters long.

Includes and NMEA Tee.

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Our Evinrude NMEA Cable was specifically designed for any Evinrude Outboard, 2006 or newer.

This cable can be used with the following Evinrude engine models:

  • 2006: 200, 200HO, 225, 225HO, 250
  • 2007: 115, 150, 150HO, 175, 200, 200HO, 225, 225HO, 250
  • 2008: 40, 50, 60, 75, 90, 115, 150, 150HO, 175, 200, 225, 225HO, 250

Cables used inside outboard engines are subjected to a lot of heat, vibration and even exposure to gas and oil.  Therefore, all of our outboard motor NMEA cables used are designed and manufactured using high temperature rated cable.  In addition, we also use automotive grade connectors and insulators.

This cable is 10 feet (3 meters) long.  It is equivalent to Lowrance PN 120-62, Evinrude PN 764164 and PN 766026

Golden Channels Commitment to Quality

Outboard NMEA cables have slightly different requirements versus standard NMEA cables.  They require higher temperature ratings.  This is due to the temperatures they will encounter inside the outboard.  Also, they need to be well constructed to ensure they survive the vibration they will encounter.  Lastly, the cable has to be rated for direct exposure to fuel and oil products.

Golden Channels uses 105C rated cables for all of our outboard NMEA cables.  Materials are tested for exposure to petroleum.  We also only use the OEM manufacturer for connectors.  We never use aftermarket knock offs.

You cannot buy a better NMEA cable for this price.

Most importantly, these cables come with a two year free, no questions asked replacement warranty.  See our warranty terms section on our website for details.

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Finally, we love talking engines, fish finders, and networking.  If you need more information on our Evinrude NMEA Cable or complete Evinrude kits, please email us and we can help:

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