Better Connected™ NMEA Power Cable

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An NMEA Power Cable brings power into the network from your boat power.

If you’re connecting straight to your ignition, or from your ACCESSORY switch, we would recommend the original fused version.  The unfused version is used if you are connecting to a dedicated fusebox/panel, and that fusebox/panel is providing the fusing function.

Both versions terminate with a integrated NMEA Tee.  3 foot (1 meter) long, measured from center of Tee to end of flying leads.

We only use the best quality and safest cable and components in our manufacturing.  Please check out the details of our manufacturing quality in the photos.


This is our NMEA Power Cable.

With many fish finders, their NMEA 2000 interface will not transmit or receive data if power is not presented at the NMEA 2000 port.  In other words, almost every NMEA 2000 networks needs to be powered by one of these.

This NMEA power cable comes in a model that includes a standard 7A fuse. This is important to protect any of the wiring in your NMEA network.  However, there is also an unfused model. This version is for boat owners who have existing unused fuse holder locations under their dashboards.

You have three options for where to connect to +12V.  Firstly, you can connect this cable to positive power either on your accessory switch. Secondly, your engine ignition key switch.  Or thirdly, directly to the battery.  Therefor, you should choosing one of these three options depending on when you will use your trolling motor and electronics versus when the main outboard motor is running.  Typically, people connect their NMEA power to their accessory switch.

Consider if you may want to use other functions of your NMEA 2000 network when your trolling motor is the only motor running, and not your outboard.  Based on this, it may a better idea to wire positive on this cable to your accessories switch, and not to your engine key.

This cable is 3 feet  (1 meters) long, from the Tee to the flying leads.

If you are installing this power cable under the dash of your boat, to your NMEA Network from your ACCESSORY switch, or fuse box, and need a shorter length, you should check our Better Connected™ NMEA Power Cables.  Located here:

Standard Length NMEA Power Cable

Golden Channels Commitment to Quality

These cables are made of the best components and construction.  For example, there is a heavy duty braided shield under the black outer jacket, and then there are foil shields around each of the 2 wire pairs inside the cable.  All together, there are 3 shields total, plus there is a drain / ground wire for additional noise elimination.

You cannot buy a better NMEA cable for this price.

Most importantly, these cables come with a two year free, no questions asked replacement warranty.  See our warranty terms section on our website for details.

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Finally, we love talking engines, fish finders, and networking.  If you need help, please email us and we can help:

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Integral Fuse

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