Better Connected™ Suzuki 990C0-88136 Cable (Suzuki SMIS to SDS Adapter Cable Equiv 990C0-88136)

CAD $49.99

Some Suzuki Outboards require one additional cable as well as the NMEA Interface cable when installing a new NMEA network.  This cable changes the gender of the 4 pin male connector on Suzuki outboard so it mates with the Suzuki NMEA cable.  It is only required in about half of the Suzuki installations we encounter.

Golden Channels offers this cable in 2 sizes.  The most popular is a 1 foot / 30 cm version to be used under the engine cowl.  Suzuki’s standard length for this cable (according to their part number) is 6 feet / 1.8 m, but this cable creates length in the NMEA outboard cable that might be excessive.

This cable needs to be ordered about 50% of the time with 9.9 HP and up four stroke outboards when ordering the Better Connected™ Suzuki Outboard NMEA Interface Cable + Tee

Suzuki can be somewhat challenging in cable sets for NMEA.  So if you’re confused about exactly which NMEA components you need to connect your fish finder to your outboard, just contact us with your engine model and SN, and we’ll get you set up properly.

How to check if you need this cable
  1. Remove the cowl on your Suzuki outboard.
  2. Check for a 4 pin connector similar to the connector photo shown in white, with 3 pins on this page.
  3. If an exact match of the photo is present, you do NOT need this cable.
  4. If the opposite gender of this 4 pin connector is there, you DO need this cable.


You can relax – the pros here at Golden Channels have you covered.  And, we only use the best quality and safest cable and components in our manufacturing.  Please check out the details of our manufacturing quality in the photos.


Our Suzuki 990C0-88136 Cable is for those Suzuki outboards which require a cable to change the gender of the 4 pin connection in the standard Suzuki NMEA cable adapter kit.

This cable needs to be ordered about 50% of the time with the 9.9HP and up four stroke outboards when ordering the Better Connected™ Suzuki Outboard NMEA Interface Cable + Tee

The requirement for this cable often causes confusion for Suzuki outboard owners.  Please contact us prior to ordering if you do not know which connector or cable you need.  We can send you much more information on your particular outboard, as well as give you advice on which way to proceed.

This is also an optional component in our Suzuki NMEA complete kit:

Complete NMEA Network Bundle for Suzuki

This Suzuki 990C0-88136 Cable is identical, or superior in parts and construction to, Suzuki part number 990C0-88136.

You will not see any difference in the operation of your equipment when you buy a Golden Channels Better Connected™ Cable.  However, you may notice a difference in durability, ease of installation, or longevity.  In addition, you may notice better connection life or less corrosion on mated connectors in you equipment.  For instance, we always provide blanking plugs on unused connections in our cables.  Therefor, your outboard motor, or fish finders connectors are better protected against corrosion.

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We love talking engines, fish finders, and networking.  If you need help, please contact us:

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Additional information

Weight .32 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 2 in
Cable Length

6 foot, 1 foot


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