Better Connected™ Tohatsu Outboard Cable 3NV-76133-0 Equiv. – NMEA Interface Adapter (25 and 30 HP) (Free Shipping*)

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If you own an MFS25, or MFS30 Outboard, you require this additional cable to tie our NMEA 2000 Bundle to the Outboard ECU Module, if your outboard was manufactured before the 2022 model year.  If you have a 2022 or newer Tohatsu 25 or 30 HP Four Stroke, this cable may (or may not) be included from the factory.  If you have a 2022 25/30 HP 4 stroke, please contact us and we will help you determine if you need this cable for an NMEA installation.

We only use the best quality and safest cable and components in our manufacturing.  Please check out the details of our manufacturing quality in the photos.

This Better Connected NMEA cable is specifically designed to work as well, or better than, the original OEM cable, Tohatsu PN 3NV-76133-0.

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Our Better Connected™ Tohatsu Outboard Cable 3NV-76133-0 Equiv. is for the MFS25 or the MFS30C.  This cable goes between the Outboard ECU and the NMEA2000 Tohatsu drop cable contained in the Complete Bundle Kit, or for any NMEA network installation.

In the 2022 and newer model years, there are some (not all) variations of this Tohatsu outboard which may (or may not) require this cable.  We can help you determine if you need to order this for your NMEA installation.  Please contact us.

This 1 foot long cable is designed for increased temperature range, since it is operating under your ending cowling.

Equivalent in materials or better than, Tohatsu Part Number 3NV761330.  We always work hard to make the absolute best cable available.

Also for Mercury / Mariner 4 stroke engines, 25 & 30hp, 2014 and newer, which have a Tohatsu ECU.

Golden Channels Commitment to Quality

A couple of things to note about our version of this assembly:

The 18 pin connector is an aircraft grade connector. It is not only a costly connector, but there is a right way to do this assembly, and a very wrong way. In aircraft and marine applications, you are supposed to put silicon plugs into each pin location not used by a conductor. This is important to protect the mating connection in the engine side from corrosion.

Believe it or not, the silicon rubber plugs for the empty pin locations actually cost more than the pins themselves. This orange connector is currently the highest cost connector we source for any outboard. So, this is reflected in the cable cost.

The wiring we use is tinned, high count, multi-strand, silicon insulated, automotive grade, wiring. This resists oil and heat. We surround the wiring with a braided sleeve to further protect the wiring during its life, and use automotive grade double wall heat shrink made by U.S. manufacturing to further protect the wiring, and keep everything neat and tidy.

You cannot buy a better cable for this price.

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These cables come with a two year free, no questions asked replacement warranty.  See our warranty terms section on our website for details.

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