Better Connected™ Yamaha 6Y8-8356N-01-00 Equiv – CommandLink / Fuel Tank Sender and NMEA 0183 GPS Lead

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This is the second cable harness required for a 6Y8 Yamaha Digital Speedometer (Square or Round Versions).  As well as the one set of NMEA 0183 input wires, there are two sensor inputs on the pink/black leads for monitoring up to 2 analog fuel sending units for the fuel gauge function in the Yamaha gauge.

The first cable you need is our CommandLink NMEA Cable which provides NMEA engine data to the tach and gives signal controls from the tach back to the engine if this option is installed in your outboard.  This first cable is mandatory because it also powers the speedometer.

A particular feature of purchasing this cable from us at Golden Channels is our price includes up to a half hour of technician time on the phone or via email about how to hook your GPS Puck, Fish Finder, or Chart to your Yamaha Digital Speedo.  We are the only company that offers this.  We support all brands of Fish Finders, GPS Pucks, and Charts and will research which connections you need and how to obtain a working GPS speed readout.

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The Better Connected™ Yamaha 6Y8-8356N-01-00 Equiv cable provides the NMEA 0183 connections for speed from your fish finder / GPS / chart plotter to a newer Yamaha CommandLink 6Y8 Series Speedometer (round or square version).  Additionally, it also provides connection for fuel sender level display from up to two fuel tanks/sending units.

Above all, our Golden Channels version is completely identical (or constructed better than) Yamaha Part Number 6Y8-8356N-01-00.  In addition, we have added a few more inches of wire length to help you out with the installation.

Our YouTube video explains the gauges installation

Installing Yamaha CommandLink Gauges with an NMEA Network

However, it’s important that you check if your fish finder / chart plotter / GPS has an NMEA 0183 output, before ordering just this cable.  For example, many fish finders have blue and white wires in an extra cable.  However, these color can vary widely from one manufacturer to the other.  We’re always pleased to talk to customers if they are not certain about connections.  Just give us a shout if you need information on compatibility.

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You will not see any difference in the operation of your equipment when you buy a Golden Channels Better Connected™ Cable. However, you may notice a difference in durability, ease of installation, or longevity. In addition, you may notice better connection life or less corrosion on mated connectors in you equipment. For instance, we always provide blanking plugs on unused connections in our cables. Therefor, your outboard motor, or fish finders connectors are better protected against corrosion.

Fish Finders without NMEA 0183 Speed Outputs

Some fish finders, such as the Raymarine Element series, do not have an NMEA 0183 output.  For them, the solution is our Better Connected™ Yamaha CommandLink Speedometer to NMEA 2000 Network Adapter Cable.  This will give you NMEA 0183 output from the NMEA 2000 network, and provide this data in the correct format to the Speedometer connection.

These cables come with a two year free, no questions asked replacement warranty.  See our warranty terms section on our website for details.

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Weight .15 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 3 × 1 in


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