Trolling Motor Power Cables Calculator

Would it surprise you that your trolling motor might lose as much as 20 percent of your battery power INSIDE the “trolling motor”? This is one of the reasons behind this Trolling Motor Power Cables Calculator.

Here’s what I mean.

People think that by running welding cable between their trolling motor batteries, and their trolling motor in the front, that they will get the best power transfer into the part of the trolling motor that churns up water. The issue here is that there is plenty of wiring between the power plug on their trolling motor and the actual motor that is in the water.

The worst offender in this regard is an electric steer motor. Of course, this is the one I own. Assuming you have 3 feet of power lead between the motor and where it plugs in on the boat, and it’s a 54″ model, there is actually around 32 feet of wire inside the “trolling motor”. That coiled cord that allows you to move the top up and down has about 15 feet. And, it’s relatively high resistance 12 AWG wire inside that coiled cord. At full throttle, that coiled cord uses 60 Watts, or 10% of the power of the motor, all by itself.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s always better for power transfer and safety to run larger gauge wire than necessary. But if you’re thinking of spending 3 times as much as you need to on wire, and you’re only guessing if it will get you any benefit, you might want to check out our new “Trolling Motor Power Cables Calculator”.

Stay safe out there.

The calculator is here:

Trolling Motor Wire Calculator

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