Fish Finder Installation



Most of our customers are either owners of a new boat. Or they recently purchased a new fish finder.

Stores that sell fish finders almost never talk about NMEA networking. So one day, you’re busy learning about your new fish finder, and blam! A screen that comes up with no data about your outboard motor, voltages, and such. Nothing to see here, folks!

Boat dealerships rarely talk about NMEA either. Sales and service of the boat itself is where they make their money. They see accessory cables as low value items that just complicate the sale.

Whenever I’m at a boat ramp or marina talking to other fishermen and boat owners, I sometimes describe what I do. And this invariably leads to how their outboard can talk to their fish finder.

Many boat owners I talk to don’t even know that much of the equipment they already own has this capability. All that is needed is a minor investment in a cable kit to enable these features.

So, it appears we need to get the word out.

So, with that introduction, we are pleased to release our new video:


As always, if you have any questions or comments, please drop us a line. We love talking about fish finders, fishing, and outboards.