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Tohatsu NMEA Setup and Review

Picture from Tohatsu NMEA Install review and post on Microskiff website
Keith’s Whipray Classic from his review on Microskiff website

One of our customers has written an excellent “How To” for a Tohatsu NMEA install. Here at Golden Channels we can help customers by designing custom cabling kits with varied lengths and configurations. This lets our customers keep things neat and tidy in their boat.

We also provide a number of learning resources. These are there to help with the technical aspects of understanding what you are connecting on your boat, and assist you with network component selection.

Check out Keith’s Whipray Classic installation how-to with all of us on the microskiff website:

Whipray Classic Install How-to

Here are the kits applicable to Keith’s Tohatsu NMEA install and review, depending on which fish finder you have:

Tohatsu Complete NMEA kit for Raymarine

Tohatsu Complete NMEA kit for Lowrance/Garmin/Simrad/Humminbird

For More Information

We love to teach fishers and boat owners how to get more out of their investment. So, we have a number of learning resources available for you, our customers.

Our Learning Section on our website

For further information on Marine Electrical DIY Tips, try our YouTube Channel:

Golden Channels on YouTube

These cables come with a two year free, no questions asked replacement warranty.  See our warranty terms section on our website for details.

Finally, we love talking engines, fish finders, and networking.  So, if you need help, please email us and we can help:

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