Better Connected™ Yamaha CommandLink NMEA Cable (Tachometer / Speedometer)

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The CommandLink Gauges are a great upgrade for your boat.  And now, you don’t need to spend all that money on a CommandLink installation.  Just use your NMEA network.

Take advantage of the super benefits of adjustable trolling speed by installing a newer Yamaha Digital Tachometer, without the need for a CommandLink system.

Just tie this cable into your NMEA Network, and connect your new Yamaha Tach for motor trolling speed adjustment on the fly.  Or, get two of these cables and connect your speedometer, too.

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Enjoy the benefits of installing a newer Yamaha Digital Tachometer or Speedometer, or both, without the need for a CommandLink system.  Connect your new gauges to your Yamaha Outboard using your NMEA network with the Better Connected™ Yamaha CommandLink NMEA Cable.

Length of this cable is .5 meters or 18 inches, including the Tee.

Installing both Fuel and Tach Gauges? You may also need a CommandLink Fuel Sender and GPS lead.  This cable connects the CommandLink speedometer input from a GPS device on the NMEA network.  In addition, it provides analog input readings from up to two fuel tanks.

Golden Channels Commitment to Quality

You cannot buy a better NMEA cable for this price.  Firstly, shielding reduces radio noise, as well as ads mechanical strength to a cable.  Our NMEA cables run two separately shielded pairs and a center ground drain.  In addition to an outside braided shield for both mechanical strength, protection, and additional noise protection.

Better Connected™ Yamaha CommandLink NMEA Cable cables come with a two year free, no questions asked replacement warranty.  Please see our warranty terms section on our website for details.

Check out a complete installation on our YouTube Channel:

Installing Yamaha CommandLink Gauges with an NMEA Network

Finally, we love talking outboards, fish finders, and networking.  Therefore, if you need help, please email us and we can help:

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Weight .13 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × 7.5 × 1 in


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