Better Connected™ Yamaha Humminbird Helix NMEA Bundle

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Confused about exactly which NMEA components you need to connect your fish finder to your outboard?

Relax – the pros here at Golden Channels have you covered.

If you own a 2006 or newer Yamaha Outboard that is a 4 stroke, 25HP+ engine with a Humminbird Helix fish finder, this is the kit for you.

You will also need one additional cable, manufactured by Humminbird.  You also need quantity 1 of Humminbird Part Number 720114-1.

Better Connected™ NMEA Power Cable

By default, this kit comes with a fused power lead. This is used when you are either connecting power directly from your battery, or if you are taking power from a power lead going to other devices, like the power circuit going to your fish finder. If you have a fusebox on your boat, with open/empty/unused fuse locations and want to add the NMEA network fuse into the power circuit there, then you should choose the unfused power lead.

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This is our Better Connected™ Yamaha Humminbird Helix NMEA Bundle.

This is the kit for you, if you own a 2006 or newer Yamaha Outboard that is a 4 stroke, 25HP+ engine and a Humminbird Helix Fish finder.

This kit requires Humminbird part number 720074-1 to connect your fish finder to your engine for Helix models.  Also, some earlier models and smaller screen models also require Humminbird part number 408390-1.  To determine exactly which cables you require, please either contact us by email, or visit the Humminbird page for additional cabling required, here:

Humminbird NMEA 2K Cable Part Numbers

You can also easily expand your network later if you install more electronics on your boat that has NMEA 2000 capability.

With this kit, you will see fuel consumption rate, oil pressure, engine temperature, RPM, alternator voltage, fuel pressure, water pressure, and engine hours.

You can add the Yamaha digital tach and our NMEA cable.  Then you can actually change the trolling RPM of your engine to slow down or speed up trolling.  Check your engine model for variable speed trolling feature.

See how to install the Yamaha NMEA Cable in the kit

Complete kits also available for other engine and fishfinder combinations:

Lowrance / Garmin / Humminbird and Yamaha

If you have any questions, just drop us an email and we can help.

You can also grow the system by adding other devices later as you want.


Additional information

Weight 1.3 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 9 × 1 in

Better Connected™ NMEA Power Cable

Integral Fuse

Fused, Unfused


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